Attendance Policy and Signature Page

  • EBS Early Intervention is dedicated to providing optimal therapy services for children within the birth to three population to help them learn, grow and thrive to their greatest potential. Attendance on a regular basis is expected and needed to maximize progress of each child. The following attendance policy will ensure that both parent(s)/caregiver(s) and providers are working in partnership to maintain regular attendance for the development of the children being served.


    Although consistent attendance is expected, we understand extenuating circumstances may result in parent(s)/caregiver(s) and/or provider needing to cancel sessions from time to time. If either party will be late for a session, notification must be communicated to the respective party. If cancellation of a session is required, each party will be required to provide 24-hour notice by calling the other party and by notifying the EBS Early Intervention Program Coordinator. Any notice under 1 hour will be considered a no call/no show. Additional notice is greatly appreciated if time permits.

    Excessive cancellations (greater than one third of the time or three consecutive “no call/no shows”) may result in termination of services with EBS Early Intervention. EBS Early Intervention takes pride in consistency of services. As part of our support for both families and providers, we encourage open lines of communication between all members of the team. Please contact the Program Coordinator at EBS if you have any concerns about scheduling issues or concerns.

  • SICK

    If a child displays a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, has yellowish or green nasal discharge, diarrhea, is vomiting or overly fatigued from illness, the EBS Early Intervention provider will not be able to work with him/her. Sessions conducted during a child's illness is not beneficial; it is in the child's best interest to receive the rest and /or medical treatment they need when they are not well. If a provider is ill, they will communicate their situation with all team members (parents and EBS Program Coordinators). EBS Early Intervention understands that it is up to the discretion of the provider and the parent whether or not they will provide services during the aforementioned situations.


    In the event of inclement weather conditions or other emergency situations, the provider, Program Coordinator and the Parent(s)/caregiver(s) will consult to determine if conditions are safe enough for travel. Parent(s)/ caregiver(s) and providers can call the National Headquarters at 800-578-7906 to speak with an EBS Early Intervention Program Coordinator if they feel the conditions in the area are too hazardous for travel.


    Each State and region has their own specific procedures for missed sessions and under which circumstances sessions can be made up. It is important to note that within the EI model of service delivery, the emphasis is on how the caregiver is supported in carrying out the strategies to help the child improve their ability to participate more functionally within their typical routines and activities.

    When missed sessions are anticipated, it’s customary for the interventionist to help the family come up with a plan for strategies and opportunities for practice that can occur between sessions to help the child continue their progress. In general, when a family cancels or misses a visit the services are not made up unless the interventionist and caregiver can reschedule the visit within the same week. Times for missed sessions must be mutually agreed upon by the parent(s)/caregiver(s) and the provider.

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